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Google Cloud partner
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Teams that use EmailAnalytics improve response time by 42.5%!

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Visualize your sales team’s email activity with your own email analytics dashboard. That which gets measured gets improved.


Email traffic by day of the week

See how many emails your team sends and receives for each day of the week. Are Tuesdays your busiest day of the week? Does your team need more responsibilities on Fridays?

Emails sent & received

See how many emails your team sends and receives every day. See how many people your team corresponds with, and the number of spam emails they receive. Drill down into any metric or figure by clicking on it to see a list of every individual email included in the calculation!

Top senders & recipients

Who sends your team the most emails? Which clients do your team members send the most emails to? What is your team’s average email response time for each recipient? And how long does it take for each recipient to respond to your emails? This table answers all these questions quickly and easily!

Email traffic by Gmail / Outlook label

See how many emails your team sends and receives for each label or folder within Gmail and Outlook. How many unread emails are in each team member’s inbox? How many emails are labeled “Important?”

Email response time

How long does it take you and your team members to respond to emails, on average? We give you your “actual” response time, which tells you the real-life time it takes to respond to emails, as well as your “work hours” response time, which only counts time during your set work hours. We only count emails that you actually respond to!

Email traffic by hour of the day

What times of the day is your team working? When are they taking breaks? Are they working late hours? This chart makes it easy to answer these questions!