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your team’s email response time

Organizations use EmailAnalytics to gain visibility & unlock a goldmine of insights from daily email activity.
Private and secure. No workflow changes, no software to install.

Improved response time
Email response time
1h 26m 53s

Teams that use EmailAnalytics improve response time by 42.5%!

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Our Clients Believe In Us

EmailAnalytics has been a game-changer for us. The legal industry is very antiquated in many processes and has been slow to adopt some innovative technologies. EmailAnalytics gives us a competitive advantage because it has enabled us to make data-driven decisions and present clients with real data, which they love. It’s one of the most important tools that we use.
Matthew Hellrung
Co-founder and Partner, Meltzer Hellrung

Our Best Features

Emails sent & received

See how many emails your team sends and receives every day. See how many people your team corresponds with, and the number of spam emails they receive.

Drill down into any metric or figure by clicking on it to see a list of every individual email included in the calculation!

Email traffic by day of the week

See how many emails your team sends and receives for each day of the week. Are Tuesdays your busiest day of the week? Does your team need more responsibilities on Fridays?

Email traffic by Gmail / Outlook label

See how many emails your team sends and receives for each label or folder within Gmail and Outlook. How many unread emails are in each team member’s inbox? How many emails are labeled “Important?”

Top senders & recipients

Who sends your team the most emails? Which clients do your team members send the most emails to? What is your team’s average email response time for each recipient? And how long does it take for each recipient to respond to your emails? This table answers all these questions quickly and easily!

Email traffic by hour of the day

What times of the day is your team working? When are they taking breaks? Are they working late hours? This chart makes it easy to answer these questions!

Email response time

How long does it take you and your team members to respond to emails, on average? We give you your “actual” response time, which tells you the real-life time it takes to respond to emails, as well as your “work hours” response time, which only counts time during your set work hours. We only count emails that you actually respond to!

Team management

Add your team’s email accounts and compare email activity. Who sends the most emails? Who receives the most? See average email response time for each team member, emails sent, emails received, and more at a glance in a team table.

Track SLAs and prevent SLA breaches

Set SLA goals and see how your team performs against those goals. See a real-time feed of every email your team has received and whether it’s been read or responded to yet. Never let another email breach your SLA goals!

No software to install. No workflow changes.

Visualize your sales team’s email activity with your own email analytics dashboard. That which gets measured gets improved.

Trusted by over 10,000 businesses


EmailAnalytics is an email analytics tool that allows you to track and visualize your team’s email activity and visualize the email metrics in Gmail and Outlook that matter.

You can easily add your team members or employees and track and compare their email analytics.

EmailAnalytics shows you:

  • Average email response times

  • Top senders & recipients

  • Email activity by hour of the day

  • Email activity by day of the week

  • MUCH more!

And to make things super convenient for you, we send you a daily email activity report for you and your team, so you can easily stay informed of your team members’ activity every day. You’ll be amazed how it enables you to identify who your top performers are, re-balance workloads, and increase productivity!

EmailAnalytics silently tracks email activity in the background. Simply start your free trial, then continue using email as you normally do. You don’t need to anything different!

We display your activity in intuitive and interactive charts, tables, and graphs you can use to gain key insights about your email activity such as:

  • Average email response times
  • Top senders & recipients
  • Email activity by hour of the day
  • Email activity by day of the week
  • Much more!

You can login to EmailAnalytics to view your data, or you can have daily or weekly reports emailed to you.

Use it for yourself or your entire team!

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

See our how it works page for more!

We only have access to your email header data, not your email content (expect for subject lines). We only store subject lines and email addresses.

Yes, EmailAnalytics is compatible with Outlook (including MS365).

You can enable or disable team members from being able to view their own email metrics. The choice is yours!

Yes, we are! 😎 We’re Google-verified and have passed Google’s mandatory annual third-party app security audit. This security audit is required for any app that uses the Gmail API. Our security auditor is Leviathan Security Group.

Additionally, we’re a verified Google Cloud Partner!

Google Cloud Partner

EmailAnalytics helps you answer questions like the following (and more!):
  • How many emails did my team send today?
  • What was their average response time?
  • What parts of the days are busiest and slowest?
  • Who are my top performers?
  • How can I effectively re-balance my team’s email workload?
Yes, we do! Check out our knowledge base for answers to more questions, including how-to’s and tutorials.

What is email analytics?

Email analytics is the method of tracking various statistics and metrics associated with email activity. Some common email analytics include number of emails sent and received over a given date range. Average email response time, click-through rate, response rate, and open rate are other common email metrics.

Does Gmail have analytics?

Gmail does not have an official analytics app, but it is possible to access Gmail analytics through third-party software that integrates with your Gmail account. EmailAnalytics is the most advanced and highly-trusted Gmail analytics provider.

Does Outlook have email analytics?

Microsoft Outlook has a productivity analytics platform which includes basic email analytics, called Viva. It is available through the Office 365 cloud-based suite of productivity applications. However, to get advanced email analytics for Outlook, you will need to use EmailAnalytics.

How can I find my average email response time?

If you use Gmail or Google Workspace, you can use a third-party email analytics tool to calculate your average email response time (or that of your team). EmailAnalytics is a popular choice for this purpose.

No, we do not store any payment information in our servers; this is delegated to, which is a PCI-Compliant merchant services provider. All communication between our servers and Stripe is encrypted as well.

There’s no software to install, so your Gmail or Outlook speed won’t be affected at all. EmailAnalytics works entirely and exclusively through the back-end (via the Gmail and Outlook API). In other words, we get our data directly from Gmail and Outlook’s servers, not yours.

And no, you don’t need to train employees how to use EmailAnalytics 😀 It’s a monitoring tool that is designed to help you visualize email activity. Neither you nor your team members need to do anything different; just continue emailing the way you normally do!

No, it’s actually super easy to setup, and there’s no software to install.

EmailAnalytics works entirely and exclusively through the Gmail/Outlook API. All you need to do is grant permission to access your email stats by starting your 14-day free trial.

Within about 60 seconds, you’ll see your email data displayed in intuitive charts, tables, and graphs.

We use the Gmail/Outlook API to gather data, then our own algorithms to calculate and graph each metric.

The choice is yours! Our Google Workspace integration lets you add any user on your Google Workspace domain silently and privately.

We never email or notify your team members unless you give us permission to do so.

Of course, if you’d prefer to notify your team members, that’s fine too! You can enable daily or weekly email reports to be sent to your team members if you like.

Yes, EmailAnalytics is fully compatible with Google Workspace. Click here to see our documentation on setting up the Google Workspace integration, and what it enables you to do.

Start by creating your own account (start the free trial).

Then, from inside the app, visit your Teams / Invited Users page. You’ll see a module for inviting team members using their email address.

Here’s a quick walk-through on how to invite your team members.

We use the Gmail/Outlook API to ensure 100% privacy & security.

  • Emails are retrieved through a fully-encrypted connection.
  • Our servers and database run on Google Cloud.
  • All communication between between Gmail/Outlook and our servers is protected and encrypted.
  • None of your email data will be altered or changed; we only authorize “read-only” access.

Additionally, we’re a verified Google Cloud Partner!

Google Cloud Partner

You can contact us for any reason (questions, anything security-related, or any other feedback) by sending us an email at

See our vulnerability disclosure reporting policy.

EmailAnalytics is designed for managers who want to monitor email activity for:
  • Sales teams
  • Customer service teams
  • Remote employees
  • Any employee who uses email

EmailAnalytics benefits:

  • You don’t need to use a shared inbox tool or CRM for your team to track activity for each team member. Let your team use Gmail however they want to. EmailAnalytics is compatible with every other Gmail and CRM tool your team already uses. Use it with any other tool (or no other tools)!
  • Your team doesn’t need to change how they work. EmailAnalytics tracks activity silently in the background. Just keep on emailing as you normally do, with no changes to your routine!
  • Track your team privately. It’s easy to set up domain-wide tracking for any user on your domain. Prefer not to tell them they’re being tracked? You don’t have to! The choice is yours.