We reduced response time of our sales team by over 33% within 6 months, and our closing ratio improved by 17% over the same period.

Casey Halloran

Co-Founder, Costa Rican Vacations

Cosa Rican Vacations reduced their sales team’s response time by 33% which improved closing ratio by 17% over the same period.

The following case study was conducted in interview format with Casey Halloran, Co-founder at Costa Rican Vacations.

Costa Rican Vacations is an online travel agency offering custom, upscale travel to Costa Rica and Central America, where local experts design tailored trips for travelers.

What was the challenge you faced that brought you to EmailAnalytics?

We have a saying in our org: “speed kills”.  In this always on, mobile-in-hand era, potential customers simply aren’t going to wait around for an answer — they’ll go elsewhere.  So we wanted to accurately measure and improve our sales team’s email response time.

What made you decide to give EmailAnalytics a try?

We read some positive reviews and the price was right.

How do you use EmailAnalytics to solve that problem?

It was very simple to set up. Within a day we were tracking response time and giving feedback to staffers whose stats were well outside the average.

How has EmailAnalytics provided value for you?

As the saying goes, “what gets measured gets managed”.  Because we are now able to monitor response time, we have been successful in driving down that key metric. We see a direct correlation between response time and closing percentage.

Do your reps know their inboxes are being tracked? If so, how do they feel about it?

Yes they do. At first there was a bit of grousing, but now it has just become part of corporate culture. Our goal is never to micro-manage reps, but rather to provide outstanding customer service.

Did you have any reservations/worries about how your team might react to having their inboxes tracked? Did those concerns come to fruition, or was it a non-issue?

No, not really. Our team understands that what we do is for the customer and the greater good.

What benefits have you seen since deploying EmailAnalytics?

We reduced response time by over 33% within 6 months.  I suspect that has an impact on our closing ratio, which improved by 17% over the same period.  I highly recommend this tool for any sales organization that desires a culture of accountability, metrics-based decisions and ever improving results.