EmailAnalytics is simple, because you’re already busy enough.

Improve your sales team’s email response time. Close 16% more sales. It’s that simple!

No software to install, no training required. 

5 Simple Steps to Get Started

1. Connect your email

Connecting your email is as simple as logging in with your Gmail or Google Workspace account. No IT required, and there’s no software or plugins to install.

Continue using email as you normally do. We track everything silently in the background!

2. Add your team members

Use our Google Workspace integration to privately and instantly access and sync analytics for any email account on your domain.

3. Assign permissions & roles

Choose each team member’s role, and which inboxes they can access. Create teams and assign managers who can view their team’s analytics.

4. We’ll send you a daily or weekly digest of your team’s email activity

We’ll send you a convenient daily or weekly team report right to your inbox. See how many emails each person sends, receives, and their average response time.

5. Your team’s email response time will improve by 42.5%* resulting in a 16% increase in closed sales.

*Teams that use EmailAnalytics respond, on average, 42.5% faster than teams that don’t. We have the data to prove it!

Why? Because that which gets measured gets improved.

That increased response time leads to a 16% increase in closed sales, on average!

Our commitment to you:

You can start for free

Try EmailAnalytics risk-free. No credit card is required.

We’re here to help

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We care about your success

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