What are filters and contact groups?

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Contact Groups are how you analyze email activity to/from specific groups of email addresses.

For example, maybe you only want to analyze emails from other people at your company. That would be your “Internal Contacts” contact group. Or maybe you want to only analyze email traffic between your company and external recipients. That would be your “External Contacts” contact group.

You can create contact groups for any set of email addresses, domains, or labels — and even connect your CRM or upload a CSV file to create custom contact groups.

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Filters are basically the opposite of contact groups — they enable you to exclude email addresses, domains, or labels from your data.

You can apply contact groups and filters simultaneously to view only the data you want to view. For example, you might set up a contact group to view only External email communications, and a filter to exclude emails from your CRM (or your mom, your brother, your dog, etc.).

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