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How do I configure email reports for myself and my team?

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By default, we enable email reports for account owners, but not for team members.

You can enable email reports from your Settings / Email Reports page.

Step 1.

Set the day of the week and time of day you want your weekly reports delivered. The time of day will also apply to when you receive your daily and monthly email reports (if enabled).

Step 2.

For you and each team member, select your report type from the following options:

  • Team: Stats for all users within the selected teams will be included in the email reports.
  • Individual: The user will receive email reports that contain only their own email stats.
  • None: No email reports will be sent. This is the default setting for added team members.

Step 3.

Choose your email report frequency. You may choose any or all of the options from Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. If “No Report” is selected, then no email reports will be sent.

Step 4.

If you or team members are set to receive a “Team” report, then you will see a field appear below their name where you can select what teams they should receive reports for. Select as many teams as you like.

Step 5.

Apply any filters or contact groups that you want applied to your email reports.

Here’s a visual representation for visual learners like me! 😎

email reports

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