How do I create a filter for subject lines, keywords, or automated emails?

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If you want to create a filter to include/exclude emails that contain specific keywords or phrases in the body or subject line — or automated emails such as those from a CRM — you can do this using a combination of Gmail filters and EmailAnalytics filters.

Follow these steps:

Step 1. Create a filter in Gmail to automatically add all emails containing your keyword into a Gmail label. Name your Gmail label something you’ll recognize.

Step 2. Log in to EmailAnalytics and visit your Filters page.

Step 3. Create a “Label” filter for the label you created in step 1. Follow this walkthrough to create a filter.

Step 4. Return to your EmailAnalytics dashboard and apply your newly-created filter. The resulting data will show only emails within your custom Gmail label. You can toggle it on or off whenever you want.

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