How do I create a filter?

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Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create a filter!

Step 1. Go to the “Filters” page from the navigation menu, click “Add” near the top right of the “Manage Filters” table.

filters 1

Step 2. Select the type of filter you want to create from the filter type drop-down.

  • “Domain” will show you a list of email domains (ie, to choose from.
  • “Email” will show you a list of email addresses to choose from (ie,
  • “Label” will show you a list of all of your Gmail labels to choose from.


Step 3. Enter a name for your filter and decide whether you want your filter to include or exclude data from your reports. Click “Save.”
Note: This is just a name for your reference only. For example, you could name your filter “No emails.” We’ll actually build the filter in the next step.

filters 2

Step 4. Browse the list of domains, email addresses, or labels in the bottom table to find the ones you want to add to your filter. Click the “+” icon next to each one to add it to your filter. When you’re done, go ahead and click “Close (auto-save)”.

filters 3

After you’ve created your filter, you will need to apply it to view your updated data. To apply your filters, head to your dashboard, then click the “Filters” drop-down near the top of your page. Select your desired filters, then click “Apply.”

Here’s a video walkthrough!

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