How do I create a filter?

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Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create a filter!

Step 1.

Go to the “Filters” page from the navigation menu, click “Add” near the top right of the “Manage Filters” table.


Step 2.

Select the type of filter you want to create from the filter type drop-down.

  • “Domain” will show you a list of email domains (ie, to choose from.
  • “Email” will show you a list of email addresses to choose from (ie,
  • “Label” will show you a list of all of your Gmail labels to choose from.


Step 3.

Enter a name for your filter and decide whether you want your filter to include or exclude data from your reports. Click “Next Step.”

Note: This is just a name for your reference only. For example, you could name your filter “No emails.” We’ll actually build the filter in the next step.

name filter

Step 4.

Enter your search query in the “Search” box, then click “Search.”

Note: You can search for any part of the domain, email, or label to show a list of everything that includes your search query. For example, I could just type “amazon” or even “ama” to find all the email addresses that include

enter search query

Step 5.

Browse the list of domains, email addresses, or labels in the bottom table to find the ones you want to add to your filter. Click the “+” icon next to each one to add it to your filter. When you’re done, go ahead and click “Close (auto-save)”.

click to add to filter

After you’ve created your filter, you will need to apply it to view your updated data. To apply your filters, head to your dashboard, then click the “Add Filter” button near the top of your page. Select your desired filters, then click “Apply filter.”

add filters

Here’s a video walkthrough!

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