How do I give manager/admin permissions to my team members?

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You can enable certain team members to do certain admin/manager functions using the “Manager Roles” functionality.

Step 1. Add at least one team member to your account, so that at least 2 users appear in your “Users” list. manager roles 1 Step 2. Click the gear icon to the right of the user that you want to give permissions to. manager roles 2 Step. 3. Click “Manager Roles” manager roles 3 Step 4. Tick the boxes for each permission you want to grant to the selected user. Hover your mouse over the tooltips for an explanation of each permission. manager roles 4

Step 5. Click “Save Manager Roles” Step 6. Tell your new manager to log out, then log back in for the changes to take effect.

Permissions descriptions

  • Billing: Enables full access to the billing area, including the ability to upgrade or downgrade plans, purchase a subscription, and edit credit card information.
  • Team management: Enables full access to Teams, including the ability to view all teams and users on the dashboard, invite new users, create new teams, delete teams, and edit teams. Does not enable the ability to assign permissions to other users.
  • Teams (view stats only): Enables the team/user drop-down on the dashboard. If the user already has access to team management, then this option doesn’t enable anything new.
  • Enable access to my email analytics: Enables your (the team owner’s) email analytics to be viewable on this user’s dashboard. Keep this box un-checked if you want to keep your email activity private.

Additional things to know about Manager Roles

  • If you give Billing permission to a team member, and then that team member creates a paid subscription to EmailAnalytics, the team owner’s email address (ie, your email address) will be used for billing purposes. Contact us ( if you would like to change the billing email address.
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