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How do I set and measure SLA / response time goals?

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Our SLA module makes SLA (response time goal) tracking simple and easy.

How to use the SLA module

Simply click on your “SLA” nav button and you’ll see a list of all your users, along with their performance against your set SLA goals. By default, we set your SLA goal to 2 hours.


  • Email address: The email address of your user
  • Responses: The number of responses sent by that user within the specified date range
  • Received Emails: The number of emails that user received
  • Response Time (WH): The average response time (within work hours) of all responses sent
  • First Response Time (WH): The average time it takes the user to send the FIRST reply within a thread.
  • SLA Breach: The number and percentage of responses that breached the SLA goals.


  • You can click into any metric and we’ll show a drill-down of data included in that metric. You can then export it to CSV by clicking the export button.
  • You can also export the entire table by clicking the triple-dot icon in the upper right of the table, then clicking “Export.”
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