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How do I set out-of-office days for my employees so their response time doesn’t get skewed when they’re on leave?

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If your employees are out of the office for a vacation, holiday, sick leave, or any other reason, you can use the Out-of-Office module to prevent their response time from being skewed.

EmailAnalytics will treat the out-of-office time as outside of “work hours,” causing the “work hours” response time to be recalculated throughout the app for that employee. “Actual” response time will not be affected.

Step 1. Login and go to your Settings page, then select the “Out of office” tab.

out of office tab
Step 2. Click the “+Add” button, then fill in the resulting screen:

out of office 2
Step 3. Click Save.

That’s it! Your employee’s response time (work hours) will recalculate immediately and be updated throughout each module in EmailAnalytics.


Q: Can my employees set their own out-of-office times via their own EmailAnalytics login?
A: Yes! Your employees have access to their own out-of-office module.

Q: Is “Actual” response time affected by the out of office module?
A: No, only “work hours” response time is affected.

Q: Does the “type” of out of office make any difference?
A: No, it’s just for your own information. All types are treated the same by our system for response time calculation purposes.

Q: Can other managers view my out-of-office entries in the list?
A: The account owner and managers with “Team Management” permissions can create, edit, and view all out of office entries in the list created by all other managers or users. Managers with “Teamview” permissions can only create, edit, and view out-of-office entries in the list for users that are a member of their team(s).

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