How do I track individual agent activity in a delegated inbox/account? 

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We can accomplish this using Gmail labels. You will first need to create a Gmail label for each of your agents, and you will need to instruct your agents, from now on, to label their email conversations with their corresponding Gmail label as they work within the shared inbox.

Here are the steps to take:

Step 1. Login to the delegated email account (in Gmail) and create a label that corresponds to each agent using the inbox. For example, “Rob”, “Susan”, or “Agent 1″, Agent 2”, etc. Click here for instructions on how to create Gmail labels.

Step 2. Connect the delegated email account to EmailAnalytics. You can do this by logging into EmailAnalytics with the delegated email account, or you can login to EmailAnalytics from your own email account and then inviting the delegated account to join your team. See instructions here on how to invite users to your team.

Step 3. In EmailAnalytics, create a “label” filter for each of your agents’ labels from step 1. See instructions here on how to create a filter in EmailAnalytics.

Step 4. Return to your EmailAnalytics dashboard, click the “Filters” drop-down in the upper left area, and enable the filter you want to activate. For example, if you want to view Rob’s activity in the inbox, then select the “Rob” filter and click “Apply.”

That’s it!

Note: We are working on the ability to display all labels on your dashboard in a table format to make step 4 easier for you. That feature is coming soon!

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