How much does EmailAnalytics cost?

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See our pricing page for details.

  • No commitment required; billing is monthly or annual.
  • You can cancel at any time.
  • Bulk discounts are available if you have 5 or more users in your team.

Your bulk discount automatically applies as you add additional users to your account:

5-10 users: 10% discount
11-20 users: 20%
21-50 users: 30%
51-100 users: 40%
100-200 users: 50%
200+ users: 66% ($5 per user)

Just add users to your account, and your discount will automatically apply as you hit the thresholds above.

There’s no credit card required to start your free trial; just click here to start your free trial and you’ll be able to view your email analytics within seconds.

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