My message count in EmailAnalytics is different from what Gmail reports after I do a Gmail search. Which is correct?

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If you run an advanced search in Gmail, you might see a different email count reflected than what is displayed in EmailAnalytics. This is most commonly due to having “conversation view” turned on in Gmail, which causes Gmail to count the number of unique threads rather than unique emails. EmailAnalytics counts individual emails, not threads, so its behavior is the same as having conversation view “off” in Gmail.

Conversation view is turned on in Gmail by default, which is why this is the most common cause of data discrepancy. You can simply turn off conversation view in Gmail’s settings, then re-run your advanced Gmail search to get the updated stat count, which should then reflect what you see in your EmailAnalytics reports.

Also, if you have deleted any emails from within Gmail, that will affect your count in Gmail, but will not affect the count shown in EmailAnalytics.

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