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What does the HubSpot integration do, and how do I set it up?

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Our HubSpot integration syncs your contacts from HubSpot so you can run email analysis on them. For example, if you want to analyze your team’s response time on all current prospects in the sales funnel, you’d follow these steps:

  1. Connect the HubSpot integration
  2. Create a contact group that matches your sales prospects
  3. Apply the contact group on your dashboard

It’s really that easy!

How to Set Up the HubSpot Integration

It’s really easy. Head over to the “Integrations” page, find the “HubSpot” integration, and click “Authenticate.”


Complete the sign-in steps for HubSpot, and that’s it — come back to EmailAnalytics and you’ll now be able to setup Contact Groups based on your HubSpot contacts. See our guide on how to setup contact groups here.

The HubSpot integration is a one-time setup. All contact groups you create with the HubSpot integration will automatically stay updated as your contacts in HubSpot are updated!

HubSpot Integration FAQ

Q: If someone gets added to my HubSpot contacts, how long do I need to wait before I can create a contact group that includes that person?
A: We sync new contacts in near-real-time, so you shouldn’t have to wait longer than a few minutes!

Q: If a contact in HubSpot updates their contact info, how long until EmailAnalytics reflects this change in the contact group?
A: We automatically check every 15 minutes for changes to contacts, and update contact groups automatically. So, 15 minutes.

Q: If a contact in HubSpot updates their contact info, and it no longer meets the criteria for belonging in a contact group, will EA automatically remove it from the contact group?
A: Yep! =)

Q: If a new contact appears in HubSpot that matches conditions for a contact group in EA, will it automatically be included in the contact group in EA?
A: Yep! =)

Q: What happens if two separate users setup the HubSpot integration separately but for the same EA account?
A: It’ll work just fine. Both users can then access the New HubSpot Contact Group option.

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