When I try to login, it says “Need admin approval.” How do I get past it?

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If you’re using Outlook and have setup the MS365 integration, you might see the following screen the next time you try to login:

need admin approval

This is caused by a security setting within your Azure Active Directory. To fix it, please ask your IT admin (with Global Admin permission) to do the following.

Part 1: Grant admin consent for the app

Step 1. Login to Azure Active Directory and go to the “Enterprise Applications” page list:


Step 2. Click “EmailAnalytics”

Step 3. Click “Permissions” in the left-side navigation bar

Step 4. Click the blue button that says “Grant admin consent for [your organization]”.

Part 2: Enable users to sign in to the app without restrictions

Step 5. Click “Properties” in the left navigation and ensure that the following settings are set:

  • Enabled for users to sign-in? Yes
  • Assignment required? No
  • Visible to Users? Yes

azure permissions

Part 3: Enable users to grant consent without an admin’s approval

Step 6. Return to Azure Active Directory, then click “Enterprise Applications” in the left navigation. Then click “Consent and permissions.

Step 7. Toggle “user consent for applications” to “Allow user consent for apps from verified publishers, for selected permissions (Recommended).

user consent apps

Step 8. Try logging into EmailAnalytics again and it should work just fine.

If All Else Fails: The Last Resort Option

If none of the above steps resolves the issue, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Delete the EmailAnalytics app from your “Enterprise Apps” list.

Step 2: Login to EmailAnalytics again with your Azure Global Admin account. You will be prompted for permissions, which will include a box that says “Consent on behalf of your organization.”


Check the box, then click accept. This should resolve the issue.

Still facing issues? Email us at info [at] emailanalytics.com.
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