With the right LinkedIn email finder, you can capture almost anyone’s email address and add it to your outreach list.

So what is a LinkedIn email finder or scraper, and which ones are the best?

Glad you asked! 😃

What is a LinkedIn Email Finder?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just extract email addresses from people who fit your target audience on LinkedIn?

The solution is to use a LinkedIn email finder, otherwise known as a LinkedIn email scraper.

Whatever you want to call it, this type of tool can help you extract emails from LinkedIn profiles.

These tools usually are a Chrome extension that adds buttons or functionality to your user interface when viewing pages on LinkedIn (usually individual profile pages or LinkedIn search results pages).

They let you click a button to find email addresses of people on LinkedIn, so you can contact them as part of your sales outreach campaign.

With the right LinkedIn email finder or scraper, you’ll be able to find more prospects, qualify them more effectively, and engage with them via email – instead of LinkedIn’s frustrating InMail system.

And you can usually accomplish this with just a few clicks. You’ll type in or modify your search criteria, then generate a list of relevant, active email addresses that match those types of profiles.

Sound fun?

Wait ‘til you try it for yourself.

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The Best LinkedIn Email Finders and Scrapers

There are a lot of LinkedIn email finders and scrapers to choose from.

Here are some of my favorites.

Note: Most of these tools probably are not compliant with LinkedIn’s Terms of Service (I haven’t read the Terms of Service so I don’t really know). But LinkedIn doesn’t want people scraping their data. Decide for yourself if you want to risk your LinkedIn account being suspended or banned by using any of these tools.

1. Apollo.

apollo linkedin sales navigator

Kicking off our list is Apollo. Part of its package includes a Chrome extension that lets you find anyone’s email address on LinkedIn with a click. It then adds the email address to a list you can browse, filter, and export as needed. It’s my top-ranked LinkedIn email finder because its pricing is a reasonable $50/mo which gets you unlimited email credits.

Many of the other tools on this list limit your email credits per month. Unlimited is awesome.

2. Voila Norbert.

voila norbert linkedin finder

Voila Norbert is a popular email finding tool with a Chrome extension that integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn. Norbert is priced at $49 for 1000 leads per month, and is known in the industry for being one of the most accurate email finders available.

3. Reply.io.

reply email finder

Reply is a one of our top ranked sales engagement platforms and email outreach tools, so it makes sense that they’d find their way near the top of this list as well. It’s a Chrome extension that makes it easy to find email addresses from LinkedIn profiles.  It makes it easy to automate outreach to those email addresses since it’s also a fantastic sales engagement tool and CRM.

It’s got a generous free plan of 200 email credits/month, and 5000 email credits per month at $50/mo.

4. Wiza.

wiza linkedin search results

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Wiza is one of the more expensive options on this list, but you get what you pay for. Wiza is slick, user-friendly, and satisfying to use. Like most tools on this list, it has a Chrome extension that lets you scrape email addresses from peoples’ LinkedIn profiles with a click.

And it automatically validates those email addresses and lets you export them conveniently. It’s main drawback is its price – for $50/mo, you only get 300 verified email credits. Beyond that, it’s $0.10 per extra email.

5. LeadLeaper.

leadleaper dashboard

LeadLeaper is one of the cheapest options on this list, but it’s a great value. As with the other tools on this list, it’s a Chrome extension. You just perform a LinkedIn search (either in LinkedIn basic or Sales Navigator), and then activate the LeadLeaper bot, and it’ll go through each page (10 pages at a time) and scrape LinkedIn email addresses, validate them, and add them to a list in your LeadLeaper account.

You can then sort, filter, and export those email addresses as needed. For $29/mo, you get 3000 email credits. The drawback is that while the bot is running, you can sometimes interrupt it by just working on other things. So it might be best to run it on a separate PC or laptop.

6. Getprospect.


Getprospect is another Chrome extension that makes it easy to find email addresses on LinkedIn. It’s got a slick user interface, a generous free 100 emails per month, and a decently-priced paid option of 1000 emails per month for $49.

7. LeadGibbon.

leadgibbon chrome extension

LeadGibbon is yet another Chrome extension that lets you find email addresses on LinkedIn. It includes basic and usual functionality such as lead exporting and filtering, and email validation. It’s $49/mo for 1000 monthly email credits.

8. Skrapp.io.


Skrapp uses a combination of different tools to help you find all the email addresses you need to make your lead generation strategy work. You can look for email addresses on the web using data matching algorithms, find prospects on existing company websites, and of course, collect email addresses from LinkedIn using its Chrome extension.

It’s reasonably priced at $49/mo for 1,000 email credits.

9. Aeroleads.

Aeroleads email finder

Aeroleads is another Chrome extension that lets you collect email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. It includes automatic email validation and list sorting/filtering/exporting. For $49/mo you get 1000 credits per month.

10. Hunter.io Email Finder.

hunter email finder

It’s also worth mentioning Hunter.io. Type in the person’s name and website domain, and it’ll give you their email address. This tool doesn’t work with LinkedIn directly, but it’s compliant with LinkedIn’s terms of service.

The pricing is not great, at 500 searches for $49/mo. But at least it’s compliant with LinkedIn’s TOS.


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