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Email analytics

After clicking the button below, you will select the Google account you’d like to use with EmailAnalytics. After logging in via your Google account, data collection will begin immediately and automatically.

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"I love the tool. We were talking earlier this month about making cuts to non-essential services because of COVID and EmailAnalytics was one thing we decided to keep." 

- Jayson Blair, Managing Partner, Goose Creek Coaching and Consulting


What is EmailAnalytics?

EmailAnalytics is an email analytics tool that allows you to track your email use (or your team’s) and visualize the metrics that matter.  It also allows you to add your team members or employees and track and compare their email analytics.

Is EmailAnalytics a Google-verified app?

Yes, we are! 😎 We're Google-verified and have passed Google's mandatory annual third-party app security audit. This security audit is required for any app that uses the Gmail API. Our security auditor is Leviathan Security Group.

Do you have access to my emails?

We only access your email header data, not your email content (expect for subject lines).

Do you store my emails?

No, we do not access or store any of the text content of your emails, except for their subject lines. 

How secure is my data?

  • We use Gmail’s API to ensure 100% privacy & security. 
  • Emails are retrieved through a fully-encrypted connection. 
  • Our servers and database run on Google Cloud, so your data stays within Google.
  • All communication between between Gmail and our servers is protected and encrypted.
  • None of your email data will be altered or changed; we only authorize "read-only" access.

I have more questions! How can I contact an EmailAnalytics representative?

No problem! Shoot us an email at info [at] emailanalytics.com. We usually respond within a couple hours!