About EmailAnalytics

EmailAnalytics is a software company founded by Jayson DeMers in 2018. We believe that team email activity shouldn’t be a black hole for managers, especially since 28-52% of the average professional’s workday is spent on email.

The Team Behind EmailAnalytics

Jayson previously ran a marketing agency that he founded in 2010 and sold in 2019. What he brought in business and marketing prowess, he lacked in technical development ability, so he teamed up with Scott, a long-time CTO and data visualization veteran, to build EmailAnalytics.

Jayson DeMers

CEO, Founder

Jayson and his dog, Rebb, are in charge of product development — well, at least management of it! Jayson can’t code at all, but he really wishes he could. He should have paid more attention in Javascript 101 in college. Oh well. What Jayson lacks in coding prowess, Rebb makes up for in handsomeness.



When Rebb’s not barking out directions, Scott is looking for new and exciting programming languages in case the current ones don’t work out. If there’s a C sharp, why isn’t there a B sharp. Programmers should be able to say, “I like to B sharp!”

The EmailAnalytics Mission

We created EmailAnalytics to illuminate the black hole of activity that is the email inbox. We think it sucks that the average professional spends more than 28% of their time reading/writing emails but managers have no easy way to see what’s going on during that time. Well, unless they use EmailAnalytics, of course 😉


Our Vision

Help managers understand how their team spends their time using email, and use the insights to boost efficiency and productivity.

Our Story

Hi, it’s me now, Jayson 😃

From 2010 to 2019, I ran an online marketing agency. We had dozens of employees and contractors, and everyone worked from home. There was no central office.

Our business operations relied almost entirely on email communication. Throughout the day, we exchanged emails with vendors, contractors, clients, leads and with each other.

In this business, email activity was a good indicator of workload and productivity; if my employees weren’t emailing, they weren’t working.

For businesses like mine, where every employee worked remotely, trust and accountability were incredibly important. I needed a way to monitor productivity and provide accountability for certain employees, and the usual time-tracking apps didn’t give me what I needed.

Sure, I could see how much time my team was spending in Gmail, but who were they emailing? What was their average email response time? Who were my fastest and slowest responders? Were leads and clients being attended to in a timely manner?

I knew that sales depended highly on fast responses. And I knew that customer satisfaction did, too.

I began looking for a way to easily monitor email activity and response times; a way to visualize the ebbs and flows of email throughout the day for each member of my team. But I was surprised to learn that no such solution existed.

So, I decided to build the tool myself. Well, not exactly myself — I’m no developer, but I hired a team of developers to build the app.

EmailAnalytics gave me the insight I needed to monitor my team’s email activity, and helped me re-balance workloads among my team members, identify areas of productivity improvement and start new initiatives with my team members who had extra time to spare.

EmailAnalytics began as a side project but developed into my primary focus as I saw how it could solve the same problems I had for so many other team managers.

I sold the marketing agency in early 2019 so that I could be 100% focused on EmailAnalytics.

I wear a lot of hats here; I handle customer communications, marketing activities, blogging, and just about everything other than the code development.

But I love it. I love hearing from you on what your goals are, and how EmailAnalytics can help accomplish them. I want to know what problems you face so I can help solve them through productivity analytics.

EmailAnalytics started as a way to solve a problem, and that’s what we’re going to continue to do as we build more features and functionality to help you solve problems, gain insights, and improve team productivity.

If you’re still here, thanks for reading our story, and don’t hesitate to reach out and tell me a little about your story, what your goals are, and what problems you’re looking to solve. I’d love to hear from you!


Founder & CEO, EmailAnalytics