EmailAnalytics doesn’t read the body content of your emails. We only access your email metadata (email addresses, subject lines, and timestamps). This data is always encrypted.

More than 10,000 companies trust us for team email tracking and email analytics.

Google Cloud Partner

Google Cloud Partner + Microsoft Partner

EmailAnalytics is a certified Google Cloud partner & Microsoft Partner.

Audited by Security Specialists

EmailAnalytics undergoes an annual security audit, conducted by a Google-approved third party firm.

GDPR Compliant

EmailAnalytics is fully compliant with GDPR requirements.

You control your data

What email data can EmailAnalytics access?

We never read or store the body content of your emails.

We only access and store email header info, including email addresses, timestamps, and subject lines. Never the body content of your emails.

Is my data secure and encrypted?

Yes, your data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

We access data via a secure, encrypted connection with the Gmail or Outlook API.

  • Emails are retrieved through a fully-encrypted connection.
  • Our servers and database run on Google Cloud.
  • All communication between between Gmail/Outlook and our servers is protected and encrypted.
  • None of your email data will be altered or changed; we only authorize “read-only” access.

Furthermore, you can delete all of your data on-demand, at any time.

Are you GDPR compliant?


You can export your data or delete it at any time. To delete it, visit your settings page and click “delete account.” Or, email us at

EmailAnalytics’ use of data from Google APIs adheres to the Google API Services User Data Policy.

To report a security issue, please email