We reduced response time of our sales team by over 44%.

Mike Withrow

Regional Manager, Underground Printing

Underground Printing reduced their sales team’s response time by 44%.

The following case study was conducted in interview format with Mike Withrow, Regional Manager at Underground Printing.

Underground Printing is a national custom printed apparel provider, offering screen printing and embroidery on a wide variety of apparel and promotional products.

What was the challenge you faced that brought you to EmailAnalytics?

We have a sales staff that largely does not work in the same place and thus it can be a challenge to ensure they are using email effectively and efficiently. We also make it a policy to have a 24 hour or less response time to any customer and needed a way to ensure this was being upheld. Finally, we wanted to analyze whether there were any patterns to be drawn on when emails are sent or received, such as the day of the week or time of day, to see if they could be an indicator of how busy any given person on the team was, or a leading indicator of sales. 

What made you decide to give EmailAnalytics a try?

It is a unique platform that does not try to sell you on some associated CRM or lead platform to go along with it. It was good value for the cost, and is constantly being updated and improved.

How do you use EmailAnalytics to solve that problem?

We tracked and recorded email response times on a weekly basis and also looked into the correlation between the timing of the emails and how they related to sales. 

How has EmailAnalytics provided value for you?

Ultimately, we did not find much correlation — our people just constantly get a steady flow of emails all the time — but it was helpful in regards to knowing how busy a given manager is. We found that the longer the response time, the more a sales manager has going on. 

Did you have any reservations/worries about how your team might react to having their inboxes tracked? Did those concerns come to fruition, or was it a non-issue?

Some members of the team did, specifically higher levels execs, and we resisted the Workspace integration for a while for this reason. Ultimately, it was a non-issue.

After over 2 years with us, your team’s average response time improved by 44.7% compared to when you first started. Would you say that improved response time has led to more deals won, happier customers, or any other benefits?

Certainly — fast and efficient service is the name of the game — not only in our industry, but in all industries. Customer’s expectations of response time only become more and more demanding over time and having an awareness of how your team is performing is essential to keeping customers happy and winning orders. 

Would you recommend EmailAnalytics?

I would recommend EmailAnalytics to any company that wants greater insight into their organization’s email performance.