Sometimes, you need to find an email address of a person you’ve never met. Maybe you’ve discovered a sales prospect and you aren’t sure how to reach them. Maybe you’re trying to get an article published on a journalistic website and you don’t know how to get in touch with the editor. Maybe you’re looking to send a message to someone you know on social media but you… don’t want to use social media. Whatever your motivation, you can do it by using one of a variety of email lookup tools.

The Best Email Lookup Tools

The good news is, there are plenty of email lookup tools available to help you find any person’s email address. Some of them function as standalone apps and websites, while others work as browser plugins.

Following are our favorite email lookup tools to find anyone’s email address:

1. Twitter.

Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter has an advanced search feature that practically counts as an email lookup tool in its own right. People volunteer their email addresses on Twitter frequently, so with a detailed search, you may be able to find what you’re looking for. Use the terms (at) and (dot)—with the parentheses—in the “all of these words” field, then specify the Twitter handle you’re looking for in the “from these accounts” field. You should get a list of all the email addresses mentioned by or alongside this account. Note that you can’t search for the term “email” here, or you’ll just get a list of tweets that directly include the word “email,” rather than the actual email addresses you’re after.


Next, there’s, a Chrome extension. When enabled, you can type any person’s name, and attempt to find their email address. The extension will prompt you for a company domain, then generate a list of possible email addresses that person could have. Combined with its email verification tool, it can quickly whittle down the options to the correct one. This tool also has other features, like email scheduling, automated reminders, and CRM integration. The free trial is 30 days, allowing you 3 prospecting credits per day.

3. Hiretual.


Hiretual is a Chrome extension meant to help you find email addresses, but since it’s optimized for hiring and sourcing, you’ll also be able to look up extra information like experience, compensation range, and level of seniority. This tool scours sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, and has a built-in AI assistant to automate some of the simpler elements of your job. With a free trial, you can get 15 searching credits per month.

4. Discoverly.


As a free Chrome extension, Discoverly is an email lookup tool designed to help recruiters and salespeople learn more about their candidates and salespeople. It collects information from around the web, including from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, then aggregates that information, collecting it in a convenient sidebar in your Gmail account. It’s also free to use, making it even more desirable.

5. Hunter.

With Hunter, you can take advantage of a built-in email finder, domain search, and email verification process. If you focus on a domain, you can enter the company name and generate a list of every public email address available under that company. You can also focus your search on one individual, if you’re trying to track someone down. Verified email addresses in this app are 95 percent deliverable. The free plan gets you 150 credits per month.

6. ContactOut.


ContactOut is another HR-centric email lookup tool that helps you find both email addresses and phone numbers. With it, you can search a person’s name and/or domain, and scour the web for their contact information. You can count on a 97 percent accuracy rating with this tool, and according to the website, you can use it to find information from 65 percent of the western world. You’ll get 100 credits for free when you sign up.

7. Connectifier.

Connectifier’s Auto Search

Connectifier’s Auto Search gives you access to a web browser sidebar whenever you use LinkedIn Recruiter and other qualified websites. This sidebar gives you detailed profile information on individual leads, including first and last name, location, job position, and of course, their email addresses. There are currently more than 450 million profiles in the system.

8. FindEmails.


FindEmails, formerly known as Toofr, allows you to type in a person’s first name, last name, and company domain to find their email address; it also generates a percentage chance that this is the correct email you’re looking for. You can also take advantage of a search tool that helps you search a specific company and specific job title; this is ideal if you’re trying to land sales with a specific role within various organizations. Only verified emails are listed in these results. The free trial allows you 30 credits.

9. Lusha.


Lusha has the distinct advantage of being able to find the personal email addresses of your prospects, in addition to whatever business email addresses they might have. It can also provide phone numbers and other contact information. When you sign up, you’ll get 5 free credits every month.

10. Linkedin Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator for Gmail

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, formerly known as Rapportive, works within your Gmail account, collecting information from LinkedIn and other places on the web in a convenient sidebar. This makes it easy to find information like a person’s name, current position, current company, and email address. Be sure to check out our detailed overview and comparison of Linkedin Sales Navigator vs Linkedin Premium as well as our complete guide on how to use Linkedin Sales Navigator!

11. Datanyze Insider.

Datanyze Insider

The Datanyze Insider Chrome extension is a tool designed to help you research, verify, and qualify different email addresses. You can use it to build lists of prospects, potentially incorporating data from your CRM, and the tool will automatically pull in information from social media and other sources on the web. Once you’ve gotten their email addresses, you can export a list so you can use it in your sales process as you see fit. You can also highlight someone’s name on the web and generate a possible list of email addresses for that person. You’ll get 10 credits with the free plan.

12. AeroLeads.


EmailAnalytics Visualizes Your Team's Email Activity

  • 35-50% of sales go to the first-responding vendor.
  • Following up within an hour increases your chances of success by 7x.
  • Salespeople spend an average of 13 hours per week on email.


Aeroleads is a chrome extension that makes it easy to add prospects from Linkedin. Simply go to Linkedin, perform a search, and you’ll be able to add prospects to your AeroLeads dashboard with a click. There, you’ll have access to each prospect’s name, email address, phone number, and more. It’s an easy way to quickly build lists of prospects from your Linkedin network, and keep them organized within a central dashboard.

13. Anymail Finder.

Anymail Finder

With Anymail Finder, you’ll use name and domain information (like with many of the tools on this list) and hopefully find a verified email for the individual you’re searching for. You’ll also get the benefit of direct server validation, so you can be sure the email you’re using is real. If the company isn’t 100 percent sure the email is accurate and deliverable, you’ll get access to the lead for free. You can also bulk-verify a list of emails.

14. Voila Norbert.

Voila Norbert

Norbert is a virtual assistant that was developed to help salespeople and other professionals find more accurate email address information. Here, you’ll use your browser (rather than a plugin or a separate app). You’ll enter whatever information you currently have, and Norbert will search the web for the rest of the information you need. You can also verify emails in real-time so you know your messages aren’t going to get bounced. From the outset, you’ll get 50 leads for free.

15. Prophet.


Prophet is a Chrome extension that can help you find significant information on your prospects, including social media profile information, email addresses, and phone numbers. With it, you can get access to 600 profiles every month.

16. Clearbit Connect.

Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect is an email lookup tool and extension you can use to search for prospect email addresses without ever leaving Gmail (there’s also a browser tool for non-Gmail users). You can enter any combination of information you want to find your desired data, such as names, company names, a job title, and more. From there, you’ll get a breakdown of your prospect’s information, gleaned from all over the web.

17. FindThatLead.


Not to be confused with Findthat, FindThatLead helps you find potential prospects with a single click. With it, you can perform a domain search, entering the name of a company and generating a list of all the people within that company that the search engine can find. You can also use built-in email verification tools to make sure the people you’re emailing are real. With the free version, you’ll get 10 credits per day.

18. SellHack.


SellHack is a lead generation tool that helps you find email addresses, build lists, and ultimately close more sales by finding and using the right email addresses. With it, you can upload a list of potential email addresses and verify them in bulk. You can also search for individual email addresses, with a 12-step verification process so you can be confident the addresses you get are accurate. The free plan gets you 10 credits a month.

19. RocketReach.


RocketReach keeps an ever-evolving database of (currently) more than 250 million individuals from more than 6 million companies. When you use this email lookup tool, you can explore this database, finding and/or verifying the information of your prospects, including email addresses, phone numbers, and other profile data.

20. LeadGibbon.


With LeadGibbon, you can enter a company site and instantly generate a list of email addresses associated with that company. Some of these addresses will be automatically verified, and you’ll have the option to verify the others before sending an email. You’ll also see a list of sources where the email address is listed, so you can increase your confidence that you’re emailing the right person. There’s also an export feature so you can keep track of all those emails in a .csv file. Pricing starts at $.05 per contact.

21. LeadFuze.


LeadFuze, formerly known as Headreach, is a prospect searching tool that helps you find email addresses based on information currently available to you, like name, company, website domain, or even current position. This email lookup tool also allows you to see your prospects’ social media profiles.

Start your sales outreach campaign by prospecting using these sales prospecting tools and techniques as well as this list of B2B lead generation tools. Then, use these email lookup tools to find the email contact information you need. Finally, don’t forget to track your sales email activity so you can remain as productive as possible. For that, there’s one more tool you’ll need—EmailAnalytics.

EmailAnalytics for Gmail

With EmailAnalytics, you can integrate your Gmail account and track email metrics like how many emails you send per day and per week, the average length of an email thread in your organization, and average email response time of you and your employees. Sign up for a free trial today and see what it’s all about!

Email Lookup Tools FAQ

What is the best email finder?

Our favorite email lookup tools are listed, in order, here! Some tools will be successful looking up a particular email address, while others won't be. If you can't find an email address using one tool, try another tool on this list.

How can I find someone's email address?

There are a variety of available tools for finding someone's email address. Start with a free option, like Twitter or LinkedIn or even their website, and if you still can't find their email address, then try one of these paid options.

How can I lookup someone's email address for free?

One free method for looking up someone's email address is finding them on social media (such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook). Alternatively, you could try to find their website, where they might have contact info listed.